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Dancing, as well as Music, is a wonderful thing. I like to say that Dancing and Music are the languages that the human use to talk to the that we cannot explain. In front of what we do not understand, we find some help and support in the religions, and more lately in the Sciences. Our consciousness and our understanding developped greatly, but there is still a hudge amount of questions and things that remain and maybe will remain without any answer. I can imagine that this was the point when Einstein used to take his violon and played for the stars.
It is interesting to notice that Dancing and Music are also the two languages that are fully accepted by perosnns challenging with autismus or with mental difficulties.

- Dancing with Autism, a projekt together with the Center for Autism in Wuppertal

- Dancing with the patient of the Clinique du Centre au Chateau de Saumery (Blois - Fance) since 2015


2010 - APRIL - Thursday 5th.

Tokyo - I arrived from Seoul on March 23rd. and I am staying at my very good friend Tetsu Saitoh’s house in Hatagaya. Last week we had a performance at «Egg Farm» in Saitama, and this place is related to such interesting and beautifull people that I have to tell you about it. As its name tells, the «Egg Farm» is a real egg farm which belongs to Mr. and Mrs Saitoh. What is particuliar to this place, is that Mrs Saitoh has such a great interest in improvisation music and free jazz, that she had a performance theatre named «Egg Farm» build in her house. «Egg Farm» propose an astonishing interesting concert and performance programme to a public which comes even from Tokyo. Because «Egg Farm» is quite away from any railway station, Mrs. Saitoh organise a transport service which pick up the spectators at the station and will bring them back once the concert is over. With the performance ticket you can get a meal at Egg Farm restaurant iif you wish.
The performance room is a beautifull wood made room which has a very warm atmosphere, it can receive a maximum of about one hundred people.
Many international wellknown musician as, Joelle Léandre, Steve Lacy, Louis Clavis, performed at Egg Farm.
I never heard about any place like this in Europe, allthrough I am sure that it exists a couple (if you know any, please let me know about it)  and I wish that more farmers could have such kind of cultural interest and create such great performing places as «Egg Farm». domo aligato Madame Saitoh !!

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