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2010 - APRIL - Thursday 5th.

Tokyo - I arrived from Seoul on March 23rd. and I am staying at my very good friend Tetsu Saitoh’s house in Hatagaya. Last week we had a performance at «Egg Farm» in Saitama, and this place is related to such interesting and beautifull people that I have to tell you about it. As its name tells, the «Egg Farm» is a real egg farm which belongs to Mr. and Mrs Saitoh. What is particuliar to this place, is that Mrs Saitoh has such a great interest in improvisation music and free jazz, that she had a performance theatre named «Egg Farm» build in her house. «Egg Farm» propose an astonishing interesting concert and performance programme to a public which comes even from Tokyo. Because «Egg Farm» is quite away from any railway station, Mrs. Saitoh organise a transport service which pick up the spectators at the station and will bring them back once the concert is over. With the performance ticket you can get a meal at Egg Farm restaurant iif you wish.
The performance room is a beautifull wood made room which has a very warm atmosphere, it can receive a maximum of about one hundred people.
Many international wellknown musician as, Joelle Léandre, Steve Lacy, Louis Clavis, performed at Egg Farm.
I never heard about any place like this in Europe, allthrough I am sure that it exists a couple (if you know any, please let me know about it)  and I wish that more farmers could have such kind of cultural interest and create such great performing places as «Egg Farm». domo aligato Madame Saitoh !!

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