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choreography for Theatre and Opera     with the director Bernadette Sonnenbichler


"Der Menschenfeind" (the Misanthrope) von Moliere für das Schauspielhaus Stuttgart (Premiere am February 23rd. 2019 

"Fabian oder Der gang vor die Hunde" von Erich Kästner, Premiere on 14-10-2017 in Central, Grösse Bühne. This is a procuction of the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

My work with Bernadette started in 2017, with the play "Fabian". The choreographer she was working with got sick, and I had to jump in about three weeks before the first.
Everything went very smooth and the fact that I all ready did know the actors of Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus was certainly a good help. But I must say that Bernadette has a very good sense for the body movement and somehow, knows very well what she is looking for. So this choregraphic work is a real collaboration work.
The work with her for the second play in 2019, « The Misanthrope » from Moliere for the Suttgart Schauspielhaus confirmed my first idea. Bernadette is not only a theatre director, but she has also a good sense of choreography and the directing style that she is developing has from my point of view, a dance-theatre style.
Not to be compared to Pina Bausch Dance-theatre work and style. But somehow a style in which spoken theatre and body movement (dance, in a larger sense) combine and harmonise well together.
I have to mention that I have no experience of the other play that she directed and I did see any of her other works. So I can only write about the two works experiences that I did with her