Dear Visitors,

The main new thing concerning this webside is that it is an information spot about my work, but also it became a kind of blog about my work experiences. The goal is to comment and illustrate each project, performance, or teaching experience.
I find that apart of giving strait facts about what I am professionally doing and proposing, it would be interesting, for myself and for the people who are interested in my work, to write some more personal comments about what I am doing, the places where I perform or teach, the people who I work with, and also, the difficulties that I might meet, the questions that I might have.
One of the new feature is that you can navigate just clicking on a picture and that many passed events are now commented and illustrated. I will try to update as many passed events as possible, an I will do my best to inform the visitor about what as been updated.
All your comments and advice as visitor are very welcome, thank you.

If you had all ready a look to this page before, you certainly noticed that I have not been consequent with my news report. I am sorry and this is going to change from now.

There are more new things that I wrote about my work, and about the the people I have been worling with. The easyest wa to get to it is for the moment to read my Curriculum Vitae which I call my Timeline Navigation CV. and to click on the owrds and title writen in blue whcih will lead you to the coreesponding pae of your interest. Thank you.