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The main new thing concerning this webside is that it is an information spot about my work, but also it became a kind of blog about my work experiences. The goal is to comment and illustrate each project, performance, or teaching experience.
I find that apart of giving strait facts about what I am professionally doing and proposing, it would be interesting, for myself and for the people who are interested in my work, to write some more personal comments about what I am doing, the places where I perform or teach, the people who I work with, and also, the difficulties that I might meet, the questions that I might have.
One of the new feature is that you can navigate just clicking on a picture and that many passed events are now commented and illustrated. I will try to update as many passed events as possible, an I will do my best to inform the visitor about what as been updated.
All your comments and advice as visitor are very welcome, thank you.

If you had all ready a look to this page before, you certainly noticed that I have not been consequent with my news report. I am sorry and this is going to change from now. 

- Monday, November 7th. 2016 -

The most important news for the moment is a very sad one. My very good friend and collaborator Tetsu Saitoh has been diagnosed having a big cancer in the duodenum and this cancer could not be removed. He was operated on November 4th. and he is now recovering from the post operation pains. I was with him from October 15th. and we had a last performance on October 31st. at « Kid Ailack Hall » in Tokyo. This performance was a very special one because it was the last performance of thirty years activity of the « Kid Ailack Hall ». It is a very tiny performance space for about 45 persons but with everything it needs to be a professional theatre space, just small. Thirty years ago, Tetsu was one of the first artist to perform in this place and since produced himself on this stage each time there was an artist or a work he wanted to present to the public.
I really love this place and Tetsu invited me to perform on this stage with his friends artist almost at each of my visit to Japan (which means quite often since I have been visiting Japan twice a year almost every year since twenty years!).
Downstairs is a little coffee place where we use to have food and drink after the performances. The team is wonderful and we will all regret this place very much.
In his speech to public after the performance, Tetsu mentioned one special event which happened there and i which I was involved. This was in 2011. Tetsu organised a tour for us and I was supposed to arrive on March 14th. But on 11th. happened this horrible drama with the earthquake, the tsunami and the accident at the nuclear plant which obliged me to report my coming. I was supposed to perform with Tetsu and Naoki Kita (violin) at Kid Ailack Hall on the …? .
I was in Wuppertal and feeling very close to all my friends in Japan. So when I heard that our performance will still take place as expected just without me, I had the idea to propose a skype performance so in a way this will allow me to be present with Tetsu, Naoki, and the public in this difficult period of time. So we did it!. On the performance day and time in Japan, I organised myself a space in Wuppertal and we connected our computers between Kid Alice Hall in Tokyo and Cafe Ada in Wuppertal. My computer was showing to me all what was happening in Kid Ailack Hall and filming at the same time myself in Cafe Ada. The delay with the sound was about 2 or 3 second but this did not affect the improvisation. When the performance started, the public in Tokyo could see me on a screen on the back wall of the stage. And when the music started, I forgot totally that I was alone in the Cafe Ada and danced as if Tetsu, Naoki, and the public where life around me.
I t has been a one hour memorial performance and after the performance I could even talk with some friends from the public as if I really was there!. One thing has been hard for me. During the performance and the talk with friends after the performance, I could easily forget that I was not in Tokyo with everyone, but when we cut the Skype communication I suddenly felt a big silence and emptiness around me. I realise the real situation and felt so lonely as rarely before.

Well, this is one of the many many wonderful memories that I share with Tetsu and I hope that he will recover soon and well because there are a lot of many more in project to come.

NEWS « MEIN SCHLOSS »: We are working hard to try to organise some more performances of our last piece. Till now we are expecting to present « MEIN SCHLOSS » at (we are only working on it and till now nothing is decided yet).
- 2016 / 04 (?): Haus der Junge in Wuppertal (Germany)
- 2016 / 05 (?): Festival Köln (Germany)
- 2017 / ? : Semaine de la Psychiatrie à Blois (France)