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  choreographyforTheaterandOpera          with the director Yoshi Oida

Yoshi Oida was the first theater director who I started to work with, my first experience as choreographer for theater and opera!
But the « chemistry « worked right away. Yoshi and I had the same idea about what is dance and choreography for theatre. My experiences of Japan and Japanese culture helped me a lot. When Yoshi said « so from this point to this point the actors will dance, it could mean that they will maybe only walk, but for a Japanese, any action that someone does on stage can be considered as dance. This was also intuitively my concept and still is in my work with all the theatre and opera directors the I work with.
I enjoyed my first step with Yoshi very much and I learned also a lot. He is a great master and his work is beautiful.

-"Madame de Sade" - Y.Mishima (1996) for the Schaubühne in Berlin (Germany)

-"Hanjô" - Y.Mishima (1997) for the Schaubühne in Berlin (Germany)

-"Curlew River" - B.Britten (1998) for Aix en Provence (France)

- "Le Rossignol" -I.Stravinski et "Le Village du Louveteau" - book from Zeng li and Wenjige for the Opera de Lyon (1999) in Rouen (France)

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