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choreography for Theatre and Opera     with the director Robert Sturm

MobyDick plakatt

Robert Sturm is a colleague from Tanztheatre Pina Bausch since many years. I was all ready, since a while, member of the company when Robert was engaged by Pina to be her assistant. He was coming from the spoken theatre world. We quickly became good friends and soon Robert told me about his wish to, one day, go back to theatre directing. From that wish came also the desire to work together.
This wish could, only many years later, after our regretted Pina left us, and after that Robert could free himself from his new position as director of the Pina Bausch Tanztheatre company,  become reality.
« Romeo & Juliette » (2015) will be his first work back in theatre directing. Two years later we will present « Don Quijote »(2017). The collaboration work with Robert is very intensive. I am basically responsable for the scene which have to do with movement, but in fact my collaboration part include all sides of directing and it is a great pleasure to share this with him.

- "Romeo and Julia" (2015) William Shakespear

- "Don Quijote" (2017) von Miguel de Cervantes

- "Moby Dick" (2021) von Hermann Melville