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with the director Burkhard c. Kosminski:  "Das Grosse Feuer" von Roland Schimmelpfennig

Choreoprahical work: Jean Laurent Sasportes
Stage Direction: Burkhard C. Kosminski (please visit !)
for the Mannheim National Theatre - Mannheim(Germany)
Germany First: January 21st., 2017

The year before I discovered the play-writer Roland Schimmelpfennig through a work on the theatre piece « An und Ans » which I did also with the director Burkhard Kosminski for the National Theatre of Mannheim. Since then I red many work written by this actor and I muss say that he became one of my favorite.
« Das Grosse Feuer «  tells the story of two twins villages separated only by a tiny little stream. Since many generations, the life between the sisters populations went peaceful and quite. Till a series of natural disasters change the situation. Flood, drought, fever, but only for one of the two villages, while the other one remained prosperous and healthy. The threat of contagion, jealousy, and fears created a wall between the two populations which will transform the tiny little stream in a big sea.
This is the last piece written by Roland, specially for the Theatre of Mannheim and for Burkhard Kosminski. All ready with the work « An und Aus », I could notice that Burkhard’s directing creativity and Roland’s great fantasy fit very nicely. It was also a great pleasure to work again with the very actors Ensemble of Mannheim which I know since many years. Overall was for me the meeting with this great actress Nicole Heesters. She is a star in Germany and her talent and her experience impressed me very much. No dance in this piece, but many opportunities to create nice visual scenes as the « sand painting which will be the beginning of the piece.
I am looking forward for my next collaboration with Burkhard and Roland.

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