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performing with an animal on stage is a very strong experience, animals are never wrong, they are just there and the performer must learn how to be there with his new partner, just reacting in relation to how the things are at the moment. I danced with my dog "Chuya" and later on with my actual dog "Sloogy" in Pina Bausch's pieces, with a horse in "Paroles d'Ange" and a couple of others horses in improvisation with Peter Kowald (see photos), each time as been a chance to learn a lot, and I hope that soon I will have again the opportunity to learn more from my dear friends.
Since February 2008, the CafeAda dancetheatre company has a new member, Sloogy who one of the main performer in my last dance theatre piece "On verra". Sloogy is present all the piece long and has some important scene to "dance"; one sentence can maybe resume what I did gain from this intensive experience: "react to what the animal does and give the impression that it is the animal who reacts to what you are doing"