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     September 13th, 2006    Urbanguild, Kyoto                                                               gobacktojapantour2006

with Tetsu Saitoh, Urbanguild, Kyoto2006with Tetsu Saitoh, Urbanguild, Kyoto2006

     Thank you very much to the photographer TakashiIto


is a "deep Kyoto alternative life stage". Kitchen, bar, table and chairs for public, and stage are alle in one single big room I will always remember myself changing costume behind the bar, almost in the kitchen and crawling as "Vecchia" through the tables to get to the stage.

I love Kyoto and I was very happy to perform with Tetsu in this so special town. We had three performances in three very different places. Urbanguild for the deep alternative Kyoto, Eiunin temple for the historical and traditionnal Tokyo, and a Junior High School for the everyday life Tokyo.
Here is arw two very interesting link for the ones who want to discover Kyoto: