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    September 14th.,2007    Bunkamura Gallery - Tokyo                                             goback toJapanTour2007

Japantour 2007 - TokyoJapantour 2007 - Tokyo

dancing with Naoka Uemura (dance) - Tetsu saitoh (doublebass) - Yuji Kobayashi (live painting)
This was my second Live painting performance together with the painter Yuji Kobayashi and Tetsu Saitoh, and
 my first one with the dancer Naoka Uemura. Since then, many other performances followed, it is for me always a wonderfull experience to perform together with Tetsu and Yuji, both knows each other very well, and Yuji creates a world in which I always have the felling that I can step into; he manage to make me forget that there is a border between the second and the third dimension.
I was not very used to improvise with other dancer but dancing with Naoka has been a great and interesting experience of dancing and of improvisation. As well as for this first itme as for the peformances that we did in the future, Naoka and myself almost did not need to speak about what was going to happen; we just stepped on stage and waited till something happen, and it did everytime.

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