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May 3rd., 2011,                                                       at Yokohama Airegin (Yokohama ImproMusicaFes 2011)


Thank you very much to the photographer: Maezawa Hideto (contact:



Since Tetsu and I started our collaboration in 2006, Yokohama Airegin has been, almost each year, the first performance's stage of our yearly Japan Tour. By the time I did really get attached to this Life Club, and I can hardly imagine our Japan Tour without our first in Airegin.
This Jazz Life Club (that you can visit at: has a long and very important history among the Jazz Life Stages in Japan. 

Mister Minoru Uemoto is the owner of this place. He is himself trompet player. He lived during ten years in Germany and was six years in Cologne where he played for an orchestra. So each time that I step into Airegin, I have the surprise to hear "Guten Tag ! wie geht es dir?" (which means "Hello, how are you?" in german).


 This was my first performance with Tetsu's Quintet. As usual we started our tour with Airegin in Yokohama. It is a great place life Jazz Club and I feel at home there. The place is as many life place in Japan, very small and I had to share the space with the five doublebass and there partenairs, but we did manage without problem. To dance with five doublebass playing full power right close to my back has been one of the strongest stage experience that I did in my life. It is like having a roaring and wild ocean running after me.