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Dancing with Tetsu Saitoh      JapanTour 2015,    dancing with Shiho Morita, Naoki KIta and Tetsu

Thank you to the Photographer Hideto Maezawa

Shiho Morita is a beautiful and very successful flamenco dancer living in Japan. She is one of the most successful flamenco dancer in Japan and I had the big luck to meet her through my friend Tetsu Saitoh.
Flamenco is quite a traditional art and the flamenco dancers or musicians who have the desire to taste to improvisation and experiment it with their art, are not many.
Improvisation is a flied and an art in itself. Improvisation requires at first honesty, then only can the technic bring the « cherry on the cake ». So I have a big respect for the artist who are all ready famous and considered as master in their art, but accept the fragile position of the beginner. It requires a certain courage and humility and I respect that a lot.

Of course, because of her immense stage experience and her fantastic intuition for dance, it has been impossible for anyone to notice or feel that Shiho and Tetsu were just discovering each other’s art. Those great moments of stage improvisation with Shiho, Tetsu, and Naoki will always remain in my heart.