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About my Bodywork "Jansan no Taiso"

Jansan no Taiso  - The Exercices of Mister Jean  -  Les Exercices de Monsieur Jean  -  Die Übungen von Herr Jean  

Getting my self ready for the morning class everyday, during the twenty years that I have been working as permanent dancer for the Pina Bausch Company brought me to built little by little this body work that I call « Jansan no taiso ».

Many elements of this work comes from the different technics that I had the chance to study with my great teachers. I modified some of them and integrated them in a sequence of many exercises which will remain the same, as the Taichi sequence, or any modern dance floor barre.
So the « Jansan no taiso » are composed out elements of:
- The floor barre of Peter Goss who was himself directly inspired from the floor barre of Zena Romett.
- Some elements of Taichi and Chi-gong
- Some concept and ideas out of the work of Kinomichi from master Noro who I had the luck to study during thirty years.
- and many reflexions and experiences out of my experience as dancer and teacher, as well as patient for medical Physiotherapie.

But maybe the particularity of my « jansannotaiso » is the way how those exercises are proposed to the participants and the language that I use to help the participants to understand how they should try to realise those exercises.
This work is still in progress and each class and each participant is, for me, a source of learning and contribute to the evolution of this bodywork.

I adapt the sequence of my « Jansannotaiso » to the kind pf participants that I have in front of me. Of course the kind of exercises, the vocabulary that I use, the rhythm and speed will not be the same for some elderly persons as for dancers. From professional dancers till persons challenging with autism, I can always adapt my « Jansannotaiso » in a way that each one can take profit of the sequence.