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"Beyond The Sea", Jean Laurent Sasportes & Friends on Japan Tour 2022               Performance of « Entre-temps au Grenier » at Studio Izuruba, September 4th. and 5th.

I attended a performance of "Entre-temps au Grenier" in Cafe Ada (Wuppertal), and I was immediately charmed by this wonderful little play. Spontaneously, I had the great desire to propose it to the public of Izuruba.  - (Jean Laurent Sasportes)

Performance of « Entre-temps au Grenier », choreographed by Sophia Otto, and Benedicte Billet

September 4th. and 5th. at Studio Izuruba

In „Entre-temps au grenier“ Bénédicte Billiet and Sophia Otto fort he first time meet on stage as mother and daughter, as two dancers, as two women taking a breath together to remember.

Which traces did the different gerenations of mothers before us leave on our lives? And where do they reencounter inside of us?

Where does our movement come from and where does it go?

„Entre-temps au grenier“ is a walk through the attic, a dance with our memories, an intimate journey for two.

Entre-temps au grenier was created during a residency at Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, with the simple aim to start working together artistically as mother and daughter.

Both coming from a similar dance background, one dancing at Tanztheater Pina Bausch, one studying at the Folkwang school, but both approaching dance in totally different times and under different circumstances with different bodies in age and experience, we experimented on how we can use our common dance language, which derives from an old tradition, in our present times today, staying true to ourselves, our heritage and the here and now.

Rather than representing a mother-daughter-relationship as such, this project is a common search for origin.

While looking at the origin of our movement, the similarities and differences in it and at where inheritated movement finds its ways through changing bodies, we also looked at the line of women in our family going down to us, and at what has been transmitted through generations.

The result of this researching process ist he 35 minutes long piece „Entre-temps au grenier“, which has been premiered in Café Ada, Wuppertal, in December 2019, and performed at „Now and Next“ at Tanzhaus NRW in February 2020. Further performances are planned at Fabrik Heeder, Krefeld, and at Festival de Poesía Visual, Torre de Juan Abad.