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dancingwithRyotaro Yahagi

Ryotaro Yahagi is a great Japanese dancer that I had the chance to meet through Tetsu Saitoh in 2008.
Ryotaro Yahagi learned dance with Toru Iwashita. The encounter with Mr. Wolfgang Stange, the organiser and the Artistic Director of Amici Dance Theatre Company headquartered in London, has triggered Ryotaro’s self expression and since then he has been pursuing his own way of expression including dancing.
Tetsu Saitoh brought him to dance improvisation.
After our first meeting, Ryotaro asked me to introduce him to my concept of dance and improvisation.
Thanks to Tetsu, since then, Ryotaro and I had many performances together as Trio improvisation, but also with many other musicians, actors, painters all around Japan.

In 2010, I had the great pleasure to invite Ryotaro to Wuppertal. With him and Tetsu we could improvise with many German musicians.
Ryotaro Ryotaro’s dance improvisation Is continuously in evolution and his ability to learn out of each stage experience is very strong.