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Choreography for dance-theatre          "Mein Schloss" (creation in 2016)

"My Castle", a dance-theatre piece about Autism

- 2016:  May 5th., First in "Haus der Jungen" Wuppertal - Germany
- 2017:  April 26th. and 27th. Revival in Haus der Jungen in Wuppertal - Germany
- 2018:  May 17th. in Cologne (Köln) - Germany
              June 5th., Bonn - Germany
- 2020:  March 31st. at Waschaus in Postdam - Germany
              April 2nd. Theater am Pfefferberg in Berlin - Germany

- The Story of My Castle - Histoire de "Mon Chateau"

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"Mein Schloss" to Trailer and some photos

"Mein Schloss" Presse critics