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dancing|actingdancing with Mademoiselle Cinema  

intokyo tango
with Naoko Ito and the company Mademoiselle Cinema

: August 2005 in Tokyo
The piece has already been performed in:
Tokyo Session House (Aug. 2005)

Kagoshima (Sept. 2005)
Fukuoka (Sept. 2005)

I love Japanese Culture and Japanese people. I met Mister TaKashi Ito and his wife Naoko Ito in 1997 and from this time started a beautifull work and friendship relation. Naoko is a very interesting choreographer, she started her company "Mademoiselle Cinema" in 1996, and created a very original and important repertoire.

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Revival: August 2011 in Tokyo
This piece is based on a story in which a law is enacted requiring all citizens aged between three months and 88 years to wear toe shoes all the time. At first they seem to enjoy wearing toe shoes but as days gone by, they find out how hard and painful to wear toe shoes all the time. The mayor (performed by Jean Laurent Sasportes) sees the citizens (Mademoiselle cinema dancers) suffering trouble and gives a referendum to the residents ( the audience) whether this law should be continued or not. The result is up to the audience. The serious challenge of the contemporary dancers who are not used to dancing on toe shoes provokes smile and laughter from the audience. Jean Laurent Sasportes is known as one of the most important dancers of our time. He has spent much of his artistic life working with the Tanztheatre Wuppertal, the most important modern dance company in Europe. Jean Sasportes was born in Casablanca. In 1979, he became a solo dancer in the Pina Bausch company. Danced in all repertory pieces through most of almost all important events around the world. In 1996, he became an independent dancer, choreographer and teacher. He performs as guest soloist with the Pina Bausch company for the repertory pieces. He also works regularly with the director Yoshi Oida for theater plays and operas directing and choreographing and later on, as choreographer as well as actor.