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Session House Presentation 2007Session House Presentation 2007Session House Presentation 2007

about the Workshop project "Creation in Progress"

The idea of this workshop is to give the opportunity to the students to follow and take part to the process of creating a dancetheatre piece from the beginning till the presentation on stage. The minimum lentgh of the workshop session is at least two working weeks. During this period of time, I will propose to the students to start a creation work as if we will create a dancetheatre piece. Considering the matter of fact that the creation of a dancetheatre piece needs at least a period of 8 weeks, working at least 4 hours a day, it is clear that the two weeks of workshop will not be suffisant to present a finished piece, but it is possible to propose a presentation of the work and invite a public to watch this “creation in progress”.

- Creation in progress at Session House (Tokyo, Japan), «Wisper of Time», a three years choreographic project (2006,2007 and 2008)This Creation in progress workshop has been proposed to the students in the form of three session of three weeks Summer workshop in August 2006, August 207, and August 2008. At the end of each session, we presented a public performance with the students which accomplished the session. The idea was to propose to the students to paritcipate to a dancetheatre choreographic process with the goal to present a finished piece by the end of the August 2008 session.

- Latest Work at the Session House (Tokyo, Japan), "The Waltz of Life", a three weeks choreographic project (August 2010): After three weeks of intense work on a dancetheatre choreographic process, "the Waltz of Life" has been presented to the public as a work in progress piece. This piece which will be developped and will be presented in a next future in a more accomplished form, received the approbation of the Cultural Office of Japan as "an imortant work which as to be continued".

- Creation in progress at teatro Modena (Genova, Italy): In collaboration with the “Teatro del Archivolto” in Genoa, we proposed two workshops “Creation in Progress about..”; the first one in 2005 "about the Italian cartoon designer Andrea Pazienza", and in 2006, "about the work of the Italian writer Italo Calvino".

- Creation in progress at Tokyotech (Tokyo, Japan): Since 2007, Jean Laurent Sasportes was nominated adjoint professor at the Center of Studies of World Civilisation, a departement of the Tokyo Institut of Technology. The idea of this Center is to invite some artists which will propose to the students an introduction and discover of their art through lectures and workshops. The first session in 2007 ended with a public presentation realised with students in science which never practiced dance before. From this time, J.L Sasportes is regularly guest professor at the Center. "Looking for Kenj-take one" was created with the students in 

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