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inparoles d´ange (May 2002)

with the choreographer Anne Marie Porras and the music composer Armand Amar
The piece has already been presented in:
Narbonne, France, Festival de la danse/Montpellier, France

Anne-Marie Porras has been my first dance teacher. She gave me my first dance class, and she is the first person who made me believe that I could dance and even maybe become a dancer, althrough I all ready was almost twenty three years old.
I was at this time a student in Pharmacy University in Montpelliers, no need to tell about my poor father when I did annonce him that I decided to stop my studies in the hope to become one day a dancer !. But he reacted in a fantastic way, he accepted to keep on helping me financialy and told me that he will reduce his help by the half every year till I will manage to survive by myself; my repect !. Well, I imagine that it would not have been that easy without a little help from my mother, but everything started thanks to those three lovable persons.
So, twenty fives years later, when Anne-Marie Porras contacted me to propose me to work and dance on a new creation with her and Armand Amar (also a very good friend from the beginning period and a great musician and composer), I accepted with great excitation. "Paroles d´Ange" has been the result of this collaboration which I did with a great pleasure. On top of it, it gave me the opportunity to realise one of my dream, to dance with a horse !.

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