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     September 24th, 2006    Session House, Tokyo                                                 gobackto japantour2006


  Session House, Tokyo

  I started to teach, dance and choreograph, at Session House in  1999. In the mean time, Takashi Ito (manager) and Naoko Ito (choreographer), both owners and directors of this very active place, became very good friends and I am very happy to be back every year to work with the students and with the permanent dance company "Mademoiselle Cinema".

Among many others things, there is one which makes me feel very thanksfull to Takashi Ito, it is the fact that he introduced me to Tetsu Saitoh, a great human being and artist (doublebass musician and composer). Takashi Ito was in his life before the Session House, a jazz music radio moderator and critiquer working for the Japanese Broadcoast company NHK. He knew that I was looking for a musician in Japan to collaborate for my performance "Short Pieces" and he had the wonderful idea to imagine that Tetsu and myself could get well along. The first meeting happened in 2004 at the Session House studio and before any talk, Tetsu and I decided to just improvise and see what would happen. SInce then, eight years of close and intense collaboration and friendship has been passing by and that shows how strong was this meeting.
But for any reason, we only had our first performance in 2006, and Japan Tour 2006 was our first stage meeting.

You can watch some video recording of this performance in YouTube through the following link: 


"vecchia" Session House, Tokyo 2006

"security" Session House, Tokyo 2006

"security" Iwakuni, Japan 2006

"diva" Session House, Tokyo 2006

"Tetsu solo 1 & 2" Session House, Tokyo 2006

"Tetsu solo 3" Session House, Tokyo 2006


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