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   August 31st.2006:              Airegin Jazzclub, (Yokohama ImproMusicaFes 2006)



Japan Tour 2006 Airgine Jazz Club YokohamaJapan Tour 2006 Airgine Jazz Club Yokohama

    thank you very much you to the photographer Mai Saitoh

Yokohama Airegin, is a small Jazz Club in center of Yokohama. His owner (Minoru UMEMOTO) lived ten years in Germany. He is a well-know trompette player who played with many European musician of the improvisation scene, as Peter Brotzmann, Peter Kowald, Joelle Leandre, so his little JazzClub became a very appreciated "rendez-vous" point for many European musician of the improvisation scene and still is. Tetsu and I like to start our Japan Tours with a first visit to Airegin Jazz Cub, a very nice place to meet again after one year of separation.

Some words from Minoru UMEMOTO about his Festival:

" IMPRO means improvisation or impromptu. I would like to mean it as [ FREE ].
In this autumn, I open 8 days of Anything-can-happen Music Festival. It includes Jazz, Classic and World music. This time, Yokohama Baroque Ensemble joins and plays European Baroque music. It will be more colorful than ever."   Minoru Umemoto

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