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Dancing with Tetsu Saitoh      Japan tour 2008

Tetsu Saitoh 2008Jean Laurent Sasportes- Japan 2008Olivier Manoury Japan-2008

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japan tour 2008  (Chie-no-wa Trio*)

Jean L. Sasportes
Tetsu SaitohDoublebass     Olivier ManouryBandoneon
* Chie INUI is a Japanese painter who loves tango and Astor Piazzola's music, she did a work in relation with Piazzola's tangos which has been presented in a touring exhibition. This trio and this performance has been created to accompany this exhibition.
about CHie INUI     please have a look !

nowaTrio on Tour

28 March, 2008: -  Space and Cafe PorePore (Tokyo)
    ---guest artist Marie Mine & Masami Takaba (voice & guitar)

29 March, 2008: -  Space WHO (Tokyo)

  30 March, 2008: -  Izuruba Studio (Tokyo)
    ---- guest artist Tooru Iwashita and Riotaro Yahagi (dance)

01 April, 2008:  - Seikan Gaiku University (Fukuoka)
    ---- guest artist "The Fandangos"

03 April, 2008: -  Aki Ward Culture Center (Hiroshima)

04 April, 2008: -  Rissei Project (Kyoto)

  05 April, 2008: -  Nozakikannon Temple (Osaka)   

06 April, 2008: -  Hikone Temple (Biwa)
    ----with CHIE

07 April, 2008: -  Tokuzo (Nagoya)

09 April, 2008: -  Omotesando Gallery (Nagano)

10 April, 2008: -  Gallery Tsubaki (Tokyo)
    ----with guest artist Kazuo Imai (guitar)

12 April, 2008: -  Odekake Gallery (Saitama)
    ---- with CHIE

Organizer: Jean Sasportes & Tetsu Saitoh Japan Tour Operating Committee

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