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 Look out - painting from Chie INUI   Escualo - painting from Chie   Tango del Angel - painting from Chi INUI

Born in 1970 at Osaka city Japan.
In the elementary school days, she encountered with SHO ( calligraphy ).
Since then she has been enjoying doing SHO-DO.
In 1990, first SHO exhibition at Ginza, TOKYO.
She has been exhibiting her works at libraries, temples, schools, museums, outdoors ( in the woods and fields ) all over Japan.
in 1998, first SHO exhibition at Paris.
She published a book " TSUKI HITO ISHI" ( " Moon, Man, Stone ") with a photographer TOSHIO KAWASHIMA, and a poet Shuntaro Tanikawa from Fukuinkan in 2003.
In 2006, she published a book with her own drawings ( she has been drawing for nearly 20 years from the images of Astor Piazzolla's music ) " 7 Piazzollas " from IWANAMI SHOTEN.
Her drawing exhibitions are held all over Japan.
She writes essays about " character " and " travel "  and writes the stories for picture books.

Other books:
" Kumo kirete hi no hikari " ( Yuuhikikaku 1990)
" Kaze to iruhito, Ki no soba no hito " ( Yasousha 1997 )
" Moji to E " ( with paintings by Seitaro KURODA/ Artone 2003)
" Sakanamachi iki densha " ( with paintings by Shigeo NISHIMURA/Fukuinkan 2006)

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