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PolePole affiche 2010Duo mit tetsu am Ort 2010Germany Tour 2010 - Cafe Ada

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 23 April, 2010:  - "Rowing the Boat with Mimosa" in Pole Pole - Tokyo,
                         new creation with:
             Jean Laurent Sasportes (dance)            Tetsu Saitoh ( contrabass, composition)
             Yuji Kobayashi ( painting ) ---- Chie Inui (poetry) ---- 
Kyoko Kuroda ( piano )
             Tamaki Kasamatsu(on 9th) ---- 
Miwako Yonezawa (on 10th) Recitation


            Jean Laurent SasportesDanceTetsu SaitohDoublebass

 17 June, 2010:  - «Short Pieces»  in ADA OBEN, CAFE ADA,  Wuppertal

 21 June, 2010:  - Abschluss Konzert des «Artist in Residence»
---------------------with guest artist Ute Völker (accordeon)  in ORT- Wuppertal