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Saturday May 18th. 2019:
I have the big sadness to let you know that our dear Tetsu left us to go in the sky and play music for the angels to dance.
He left us in peace while he was asleep



Dancing with Musicians, Improvisation with Tetsu Saitoh,

  - Ma rencontre avec Tetsu Saitoh (en français) - click ici
  - My Meeting with Tetsu Saitoh (in english) -click here
  - 齋藤徹との出会い

  - Dancing with Tetsu on special stages in Japan (click here)
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 - 日本のスペシャルステージでテツと踊る

Meeting M. Saitoh Tetsu and the beginning of a great collaboration work and of and a great friendship

I met the musician and composer Tetsu Saitoh in 2004. I am thankful to Mr. Takashi Ito for organising this meeting.
Mr. Takashi Ito is the administrator director of the dance academy « Session House » in Tokyo. His wife, the choreographer Naoko Ito is the artistic director of this academy and she leads the modern dance company « Mademoiselle Cinema » since more than twenty years.
Mr. Takashi is the first person who I collaborated in Japan with. This collaboration started in 1999, and, he became through the years  a very good friend.

After this metting in 2004, our collaboration work started in 2006 with a tour through Japan. Since 2006, this collaboration work has been always developing more and more. Tetsu was not only a great person, a great musician and composer, he had also an incredible amount of friends artist all through Japan, and he was very active in bringing people to meet each other.

So through Tetsu Saitoh  I could meet and perform with a very large amount of Japanese artists and many cultural exchanges between Japan and Europe could be realised. Through Tetsu, I had also the great pleasure to perform in many towns of Japan and discover the beauty of this country and the wonderful hospitality of the Japanese folk. After so many years of travelling through the world and meeting so many people and artist « families », I can say that the « family » which I found the warmest and richest has been Tetsu’s big  family  ……

One place was specially in his heart and he involved a lot of energy and love to contribute to its cultural development. I am writing about the « Izuruba Studio » owned and directed by the dancer Ryotaro Yahagi and the family Yahagi in Tokyo. For more information about this place and the dancer Ryotaro Yahagi, please connect to this link:  - Dancing with Roytaro Yahagi -  thank you.

 Unfortunately, my dear friend left this world in 2019. No need to tell that he left a huge hole in my heart, and that he is constantly present in my thoughts.
Although Tetsu is not on this earth anymore, I can say that this collaboration work continues very actively. I hope to be able in the next future to extend this cultural exchange collaboration work to more European and Japanese artists.
You can get more information about my meeting with Tetsu if you click on the link which are mentionned on top of this page.

More detailed information about this collaboration work is to find through this link:

pastedGraphic.png  - Choreography for Dance-theatre, « Mein Schloss »

pastedGraphic.png  - Choreography for dance-theatre, Looking for Kenji 1»

pastedGraphic.png  - Choreography for dance-theatre, Looking for Kenji 2»

pastedGraphic.png  - Dancing with Yuji Kobayashi

pastedGraphic.png  - Dancing with Roytaro Yahagi

More detailed information about all the tours that I had the big luck to do with Tetsu and other Japanese artist are to be found through the different links listed here:
(the sign: pastedGraphic.png will lead you to the appropriated page)

pastedGraphic.png download to info "dancing with tetsu Saitoh" (4,9MB)

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2019 dear Tetsu went up in the sky