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festival|organizer    ikonoclaste  05/06, 06/07, 08, and 2010 1st + 2nd + 3rd + 4th. edition

ikonoclaste Eine Tanzreihe in Wuppertal, is a dance festival, founded by Jean Laurent Sasportes which takes place in the performance theatre "Cafe AdaOben" in Wuppertal, Germany. This place is not a normal theatre place and will be transformed just for the event; with the years, it became one of the most imortant dance plattform for young choreographers in Nord-Reihn-Westfalen, as well as for internationnal companies and dancers which desire to present their work in an unconventionnal performing place. Out of the official circuit of the "Dance Lobbies", it is considered by the dancers and the choreographers as not the most confortable, but one of the most pleasant and interesting place to present their work. Through the J.L. Sasportes Japanese Artist connection network, as well as the many contacts etablished through the Pina Bausch Tanztheatre members, many young asian dancers and choreographers had the opportunity to show their creation, and this place became quite popular in the Japanese Tokyo dance scene.

Organisation and Artistic Director
: Jean Laurent Sasportes
1st Edition 2005/2006
2nd Edition 2006/2007
3rd Edition
4th. Edition 2010

ikono01 poster  ikono 2nd edition poster  ikono03 posterikonoclaste 4. Edition

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