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  Workshop about Movement, Sound, and Improvisation 
 Jean Laurent Sasportes 
Tetsu Saitoh                         gobackto teaching



What is your idea about music?, what is your idea about dance?. When does sounds begin to be music?, when does gesture and movements can begin to be called dance?.

Is improvisation anything, anywhen, anyhow ?.
No lifetime is long enough to master music, dance and improvisation, but many years of experience and reflexion can help to discover what is beyond what we know and what we are used to.

This workshop is open to:

dancers, actors, performers, musicians and all persons who have a body practice, a certain musical knowledg and are interested in improvisation. Three important point will lead the structure of this workshop:

- the improvisation as the expression of HERE, NOW and MYSELF/OURSELF
- the musician, his vocabulary and his instrument.
- the performer, his vocabulary and his instrument.

The length of the class can be between two till four hours a day. How many days should the workshop least is up to the organisation.

The number of participant (musicans and dancers, performers) should not exced 18 personnes.
For this workshop will be needed:
- a well heated big room (around 2mx2m for each participant, so that each one can ly down and be able to extend arms and legs without disturbing his neibourgh)
- a dance floor because participant will be bare feet.
- musicians should bring their own instrument.