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 teachingfordancers|actors, musicians and everyone else

about my work bodywork "Jansan no taiso", for actors, dancers, and everyone else

Getting my self ready for the morning class everyday, during the twenty years that I have been working as permanent dancer for the Pina Bausch Company brought me to built little by little this body work that I call « Jansan no taiso ».

technical class and body placement (please click here)

I built my class from the experience I gained from my teachers in modern dance (Peter Goss, Hans Züllig, Jean Cebron), classical dance, Kinomichi (M.Masamichi NORO ) and Tai chi.
Associating the idea of lengthening to the idea of spiral, in the context of a connection "earth to sky", is the basic principle of kinomichi. This is central to my teaching in the work of body and in my technical classes for dancers, and workshops for actors and singers.“

about the workshop "composition and improvisation"   
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After a " mise en corps " composed by myself (Jansannotaiso) from exercices inspired of the warming up and preparation work issued from various body work techniques (dance, Tai chi, Kinomichi, Feldenkrais ), the class is followed by the workshop part.
The workshop part is based on the study of  movement analysis first from an abstract point of view. Five basics elements support this movement analysis
 Those five elements are:
- The Form (a material structure, solid and filling up a certain volume into the space).
- Space (the scenic space into whitch the dancer or the actor will evolve, from this point starts the notion of motion into space).
- Motion (considered as the bridge between a form and another with the differents qualities of energy which characterize it).
- Timing (rhythm and the choice of intervention which can be fixed by the choreographer or be opened to the interpreter in improvisation).
- The rest and essential thing (or “the little flower” from Zeami)...

about the workshop project "Creation in Progress"(pleae click here)

The idea of this workshop is to give the opportunity to the students to follow and take part to the process of creating a dancetheatre piece from the beginning till the presentation on stage. The minimum lentgh of the workshop session is at least two working weeks. During this period of time, I will propose to the students to start a creation work as if we will create a dancetheatre piece. Considering the matter of fact that the creation of a dancetheatre piece needs at least a period of 8 weeks, working at least 4 hours a day, it is clear that the two weeks of workshop will not be suffisant to present a finished piece, but it is possible to propose a presentation of the work and invite a public to watch this “creation in progress”.

about the workshop "movement, music and improvisation"(please click here)

this workshop is proposed in collaboration with the musician Tetsu Saitoh, it is proposed for dancers/actors but also for musicians and is based on two parts; one proposed by J.L. Sasportes which has the same structure as the workshop "composition and improvisation" (see below), and the other part, directed by Tetsu Saitoh which is basicaly about musical expression and improvisation

For more information about my teaching, please download the PDF Brochure, thank you.

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