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dancingwith          Yuji Kobayashi 

Yuji Kobayashi is a great person and one of the most important contemporary painter of Japan. I met Yuji through Tetsu, all ready during my first Japan Tour with Tetsu in 2006. Since then, I had the luck to have many opportunities to dance together with Yuji and Tetsu. Almost every year since then, one evening performance with Yuji was in the performance schedule that Tetsu organised for me and him.

I think that Yuji paintings should be better known in Europe and I hope that once I will find the time to try to organise some exhibition for him. If you have any desire to help with an interessant contact, thank you.

 02 Sep. 2006 - Asahi Art Square/Tokyo

 14 Sept., 2007: - Bunkamura Gallery - Tokyo  

 23 April, 2010:  - "Rowing the Boat with Mimosa" in Pole Pole - Tokyo,

 May 20, 2011: - at St. Andrew Church, Tokyo

 May 27th., 2012: - at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (Uneo)

 February 27, 2013: - Super Deluxe (Tokyo)

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