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 duoswith   Peterkowald

dancing with Peter Kowald

Festival "Visual Art" in New York (June 2002) reviews
Festival "Hommage to Pina Bausch" in Toronto (October 2001)
Danse du Monde Festival in the Nationaltheater Mannheim (2001)   reviews
Festival "Danza und Tanz" in Rome (1999 and 2001)
"ECCO 98" in Wuppertal (1998)
Ottignies-L-N - Belgian (1998)
1st. European Contemporary Dance Festival of Cyprus (1997)
Tanzfestival Hannover (1997)
"Fest der Sinne" St. Johann in trio with Jeanne Lee (1997)
Festival "ex Tempore" Nordrhein-Westfalen Tour 1996- Düsseldorf, Münster,
Festival "ex Tempore" Nordrhein-Westfalen Tour 1996- Wuppertal, Solingen reviews
Atelier volant in Lausanne (1996)
Festival "Solo dances" in Budapest (1995)
Festival of Carthago - Tunesien (1995)
Festival Danse Musique in the Hippodrome de Douai - Fance (1995)
Théâtre Dunois in Paris (1994) reviews
Phalandri -Theatre in Athen
"International dance Festival" in Chania - Grèce
Festival "Bewegung und Ton" in Düsseldorf
Festival "Fiesta international" in Pärnu - Estonia
Leverkusen Jazztage - Germany (1989)

- farewell to a visionaryby Ralf Dombrowski
- Peter Kowald, une place éminente sur la scène Free - de Françis Marmande