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     The Center for Studies of the World Civilisations at the TokyoInstitut of Technology


     This project has been initiated by Professor Noboru Hidano, Dr. Economics Program at Department of Social Engineering, Tokyo Tech, and by Professor Roger Pulvers who is now the actual Head of the Center. Professor Hidano did contact me and proposed me to have a thirty hours workshop session with some of his students with the goal to introduce them to the world of dance and dance-theatre, and propose a public presentation at the end of this Workshop.

I did study myself during a few years Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and even if I did not finished my study, because of my decision to become a dancer, I always kept a scientifical curiosity about those subjects, and the proposition of Professor Hidano mashed  perfectly with my desire to find a way of understanding between my passion for body movement, dance and performing art and my old interest in this scientifical way of thinking.
My first question to Professor Hidano was:
- “why did you and your colleges created the Center of Study of World Civilizations ?, in which sense do you believe that “creating works of art and exploring the most basic and important aesthetic impulses that underpin culture” can be positive and necessary to University students in Science and Technology ?”.
Professor Hidano’s answer really impressed me:
- “There are two reasons I will tell you about, the first one is that, among our students, through the different workshops that we propose to them, a little percentage of them might discover a special interest in Art and could decide to use their scientifical knowledge to become artist instead of becoming ingeniors or searchers, we want to give to those students a possibility to discover their own impulses and realize themselves as well as possible. The second reason concern all the other students. Now a days. the battle to survive in our society seems to get always harder and harder, good ingeniers are well payed and the competition create a strong pressure and new motivation, different then the original motivation which should be the interest in Science and Technology. If this new motivation, created by the financial competition, becomes too important in regard to the original interest in what the students studied, the young professional ingeniors and searchers might loose the sense of why they are doing their profession. The students of our University have a strong and deep interest in what they are studying; It will be a big pity to see this strong and deep interest slowly disapear in their future and be replaced by the motivation created from the financial pressure; this matter of fact is a big danger for them and our society, when this kind of pressure takes too much importance in people’s motivation, it creates a hard and unhappy society. To discover the world of Art and Artistic Creativity is a way to devellope a human sensitivity to emotions and to the various faces of beauty; we believe that giving a possibility to our students to experiment and discover the world of Art and artistic creativity is to give them a good support to go through their life with a strong sense for humanity”.

Publication writen by Jean Laurent Sasportes for the Tokyotech Chronicle:
- a Dancetheatre Workshop for the CSWC - 2008 in PDF
- a Dancetheatre Workshop for the CSWC - 2009 in PDF


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