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     Dancing with Tetsu Saitoh      AsianTour 2011

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asianTour 2011

   Because of the dramatic catastrophe which did hit Japan and the Japanese folk on March 11th., It has been impossible for me to be present at the two first planned performance of this asian tour 2011. So we decided to make a Skype internet life stream event and propose at least a screen presentation of my dance improvisation on the life music happening in Tokyo. While Tetsu Saitoh and the members of gamma/ut were playing on stage in Tokyo, I could receive the music life (with 3 second delay) and improvise on it. Through Skype it was possible to send the recording of my dance and show it on screen in background of the musician playing life. We did two performances this way, one in trio (Tetsu Saitoh doublebass, Naoki Kita violin, and myself dance) at the Kid Ailak Arthall (Tokyo) on March 18th., and the second one for the Pole Pole (Tokyo) performance with the gamma/ut ensemble on April 16th. For this second performance, I worked together with the video artist Kai Fobbe on video projection that we used as background and part of the improvisation.
After my arriving in Tokyo on April 26th. we could go on with our programmed tour in a more normal way:

Jean Laurent SasportesDanceTetsu SaitohDoublebass


 March 18, 2011: - at "Kid Ailack Art Hall" (Tokyo), LIFE STREAMING Wuppertal-Tokyo
 ----------------- with, Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass), Naoki Kita (violin)

April 16, 2011: - at Pole Pole (Tokyo), LIFE STREAMING Wuppertal-Tokyo
 ---------------- with "gamma/ut", Tetsu Saitoh's doublebass Ensemble (Tetsu Saitoh,Seo Takashi, Pearl Alexander, Tanabe Kzuhiro, Tajima Masao)

 May 3, 2011: - at Airegin (Yokohama ImproMusicaFes'2011)
 ---------------- with "gamma/ut", Tetsu Saitoh's doublebass Ensemble (Tetsu Saitoh,Seo Takashi, Pearl Alexander, Tanabe Kzuhiro, Tajima Masao)

 May 8,2011: - at Super Deluxe (Tokyo -Ropongi)
 ---------------- with "gamma/ut", Tetsu Saitoh's doublebass Ensemble and Jakie Joe (Dance)

 May 20, 2011: - at St. Andrew Church, Tokyo 
----------------- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass), Naoki Kita (violin), Yuji Kobayashi (life painting), Yoshiaki Satoh (accordion)

 May 21, 2011: - at Saravah Tokyo, Shibuya.
----------------- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass), Naoki Kita (violin), Yoshiaki Satoh (accordion)

 May 23, 2011: - at CSWC Tokyo Institute of Technology,  "Looking for Kenji" a new work about Kenji Miyazawa's Poems
 ---------------- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass),Naoki Kita (violin)

 Mai 30, 2011: - at Barbershop "Fuji" (Saitama), Duo with Tetsu Saitoh

 June 4, 2011: - at Pole Pole-za (Tokyo Higashinagano)
 ---------------- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass),Naoki Kita (violin), Junka (voice)


Mai 26 and 27, 2011: - Seoul (30th Modafe Dance Festival): "Pas de Quatre"
--------------------------- with Jeohong Nam (Dance) and Won Il (various instruments)

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