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European Tour 2012: (the sign:  will lead you to the approriated page)


  March 1st., 2012: at Dance Festival "Les Hivernales d'Avignon" (Avignon, France)
---- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass), Jeohong Nam (Dance) and Won Il (various instrument)

 March 2nd., 2012: at "Le Ring" (Toulouse, France)
 ----------------- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass)


 March 11th., 2012: at Cafe Ada Oben (Wuppertal) - One Year after Fukushima - "Looking for Kenji"
 ------- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass), Naoki Kita (violin) and the Cafe Ada Dance Theatre

  September 21st., 2012: at Luther Saal for the Wein and Theater Fest 2012 (Radebeul-Dresden)
 ---------------- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass) 


Japan Tour 2012:

 May 11, 2012: - at Yokohama Airegin (Yokohama ImproMusicaFes'2012)
 ----------------- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass), Daisuke Takaoka (tuba)

 May 17th., 2012: - at Izuruba (Tokyo-Numabe)
 -------- with GEN311, Tetsu Saitoh's doublebass Ensemble (Seo Takashi, Pearl Alexander, Tanabe Kzuhiro, Tajima Masao)

 May 19th., 2012: - at Pole Pole-za (Tokyo-Higashinakano)
 ------------ with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass), Naoki Kita (violin), Junka Satoh (voice)

 May 21st.,2012: - at "Kid Airlack Art Hall" (Tokyo-Meidaimae)
 ---------------- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass), Naoki Kita (violin)

 May 27th., 2012: - at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (Uneo)
 ----- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass), Takashi Seo (doublebass), Naoka Uemura (dance)
 ----- and Yuji Kobayashi and his painting "The Forest". 

 May 27th., 2012: - at Live at Jazz_Candy (Chiba)
 ---------------- with Tetsu Saitoh (doublebass)