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choreography for Theater and Opera

The directors who I mainly worked are both theater directors who lately developed their directing also for opera. Yoshi Oida was the first theatre director who I worked with at the beginning of my career. Since 2000, i started to work in collaboration with the director Burkhard C.Kosminski. First for the Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus, and later for the National Theater of Mannheim in Germany.
I started my collaboration work with the director Robert Sturm in 2015 with the play "Romeo and Juliette" which followed two years later with "Don Quijote". And in 2017, I did my first work with the theatre director Bernadette Sonnenbichler for the Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus.
I had the chance to work with many other directors, but those four directors are the one who with I had, or still have, a more constant collaboration. 
Lollo Franco has been a great experience and my two months of work on the piece "Kean" in Palermo was tow months of work and life that I will never forget.

   Choreography for theatre with the director Burkhard C. Kosminski

   Choreography for theatre with the director Robert Sturm 

   Choreography for theatre wtih the director Bernadette Sonnenbichler

   Choreography for theatre and Opera with the director Yoshi Oida

   Choreography for theatre with the director Lollo Franco