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Jean-Laurent Sasportes started this work with Musicians with Peter Kowald (double bass) in 1994. Different little dance pieces have been created out of this work: "Stock", "Security", "Diva", "Jeune Fille", "Money", "let the trouble come when the trouble comes" and "Ur". The repertory of this Duo work has been and still is presented through many countries around the world under the title: Short Pieces I and Short Pieces II.

Some other short Pieces are all ready on work and will soon belong to the repertory. A different composition of the programme is possible; the length and composition of the evening programme is open to fit the organisation request and should be dicussed with the artist. This performance is based on a principle of structured improvisation; the caracter and costume of each piece is defined but music and choreography are improvised. It can adapt to any kind of stage or be played out doors in natural places.

The collaboration with Hans Reichel (e-guitar and daxophon) started in 2000, with Gunda Gottschalk (violin) in 2005, with Pierre Jacquemyn (double bass) and Tetsu Saitoh (double bass) in 2006, with Gunter Baby Sommer (percussion and drums) aa well as with Paul Hubweber (trombone) in 2008, and with Arkady Shlkloper (Horns) and Tony Craag (skulpture) in 2009.
Apart from "Short Pieces I" and "Short Pieces II", Jean Laurent Sasportes and Tetsu Saitoh, propose a work of "Body painting and improvisation" with the painter Yuji Kobayashi. This work has been presented in Tokyo (Asahi Theater, and Gallery) in September 2006, Bunkamura Gallery (Tokyo) September 2007, and
at St. Andrews Tokyo Church May 20, 2011
In 2011 Tetsu Saitoh and Jean Laurent Sasportes created the first version of a new piece "Looking for Kenji", featuring Naoki Kita (violin and texte) a piece created from Kenji Miyazawa's poems for the Tokyo Institute of Technology. This piece is now part of the repertory.
In 2012, on the 11th. of March, one year after the terrible disaster which happened in Japan, "Looking for Kenji" was presented in its second version at the Cafe Ada Oben. Featuring beside Tetsu Saitoh and Naoki Kita, was added the dancers Chikako Kaido, Chrystel Guillebaud, Antonio Stella and Chun Hsien to the cast of this production.
In 2016 was presented the piece "Mein Schloss" ("My Castle"), a dance-theatre piece about autism. Tetsu Saitoh did the music composition part of this work in collaboration with Jean Laurent Sasportes who did the choreographical and artistic direction part. THe musicians for this work are Naoki Kita (violin), Ute Völker (accordion), Wolfgang Suchner (tuba and trompet), and Tetsu Saitoh (compostion and double bass.)

"short pieces"
and other improvisation works Duos with Musicians
Short Pieces I Introduction | Security | The Young Girl | Diva | Che sera sera | Ur
Short Pieces II Introduction | Money | As we like | The Vechia
Short pieces I and II can fit to many different kind of stage but request a minimum equipement for the lightning.


"Looking for Kenji", (length about 60mn.). Certain parts of this piece request the participation of some extra performers which would be choosen among local volunters. those personns do not need to be professionnals, but a certain feeling for rythms will be appreciated.
Looking for Kenji
can fit to many different kind of stage but request a minimum equipement for the lightning.
"Mein Schloss" (length 60mn.) is a one hour dance-theater piece with a fixed cast.

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