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About my choreographical work,

There are two different kind of choreographical work that I do. There are some works in choreography that I do under my own responsability as artistic director and choreographer. Those works can be out of my own initiativ, or the proposition of a collaboration with someone who brings the initial idea and ask me to realise the piece. In this second case, it is a collaboration work, like by exempe with Stephanie Roos who introduced me to the world of Autismus and shared with me all her lived experience with the people challenge with autism, out of this collaboration came out the piece "My Castle" (2016).  Or with Professor Barbara Mastandrea Rüdiger who initiated the project of a dance theatre piece about the mathematician Ludwig Boltzmann and brought all her scientific knwoledge for the realisation of  "At the Beginning was the Chaos" (2018). The piece "The Ten Rules of the Clown" (2018)is the result of a collaboration work with the musician Gunda Gottschalk who created the musical part and asked me to direct and choregraph the dance theatre part.

Those are the projects for which I will choose all members of the team that I want to work with, dancers, actors, technical team etc... The type of this work is what we can call dancetheater work in the sense that I use movement as well as theatrical situation in my vocabulary. The pieces that I did and do under this label are composing my personnal repertory. This repertory is what I could call my personal work as independant choreographer (see Choreography for Dance-theatre).

And there are some works in choreography and/or in directing, that I do for theater directors or opera directors who proposed me to be part of a project which they direct. This kind of works are more collaboration works which are realized together with the directors (see Choreography for Theatre and Opera).
With certain theatre directors, my part is more then just choreography. If I call choreography the work of creating dancing steps for the dancers or actors, then I have to add the creation part that I like to call the « visual directing ». In the sense that, with the director Robert Sturm by example, we are more in a situation of collaboration work of the total directing of the piece; Robert is more concentrated on the acting, and I am more busy with of all what is visual.

The directors who I mainly worked are both theater directors who lately developed their directing also for opera. Yoshi Oida was the first theatre director who I worked with at the beginning of my career. Since 2000 and still now, i started to work in collaboration with the director Burkhard C.Kosminski, first for the Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus, later for the National Theater of Mannheim in Germany, and now for the Schauspielhaus Stuttgart.
I started my collaboration work with the director Robert Sturm in 2015 with the play "Romeo and Juliette" which followed two years later with "Don Quijote". And in 2017, I did my first work with the theatre director Bernadette Sonnenbichler for the Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus. The second work with Bernadette is "The Mysanthrope" from Moliere, and for the Theatre of Stuttgart.

I had the chance to work with many other directors, but those four directors are the one who with I had, or still have, a more constant collaboration.